SCI-BLOG Weekly Articles


Monday:    Read article only

Tuesday:  Re-read article and write two questions in your SCIBLOG Question Log placed in your Science Journal.

Wednesday:  Login to Google Classroom and access your weekly class document.  Enter your questions  (must be different than the other students’ questions).  Then begin to answer someone else’s question.

Thursday:  Complete your answer of another student’s question.

Friday:  Review or complete if unfinished. 


        You will find links to the article you are to read AND the Class SCIBLOG in which you will ask a question and receive an answer from your classmates.                                                            

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Log in to Google Classroom in order to complete the weekly SCIBLOG.   

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FOR all Blog Questions and entering Answers

TEMPLATE example:          https://s3.amazonaws.com/scschoolfiles/438/sci-blog_article_instruction.docx



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