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About the Arkansas Consolidated School Improvement Planning tool (ACSIP)

In the fall of 2004, the Arkansas state department of education partnered with the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory to design and build a Web-based system to enable districts and schools in Arkansas to meet state and federal school improvement planning requirements.

The Arkansas Consolidated School Improvement Planning model (ACSIP) is an annual comprehensive planning and fund distribution design that must be used by all Arkansas public schools, as defined by Ark. Code Ann. 6-15-419. Using the Arkansas Consolidated School Improvement Planning (ACSIP) model, each school in Arkansas develops a comprehensive school improvement plan. This plan serves as the school's application for all federal programs administered by the Arkansas Department of Education under No Child Left Behind.

More than 1100 schools and districts are required to submit a consolidated school improvement plan each year.The Web-based ACSIP system supports the development, submission, review, and approval of these plans.

Schools use the system to build their plan and submit it to their district. Districts review and submit all school plans along with their district plan to the state department. ACSIP features integrate student achievement and school level data readily available to schools for use in building their plans. Additional features prevent budgeting and other errors.

State department staff employ robust administrative features to monitor the progress of plans as they move through the system and to review and approve plans as they are submitted. ACSIP features automate many of the steps in this process. State level reporting features provide on-demand access to valuable summaries of school planning information.


You can view the De Queen Middle School ACSIP plan by using the following information to log in to the INDISTAR site below or by clicking this INDISTAR link.

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