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Ancient Mesopotamia

Information on Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent.  

Tigris/Euphrates River Valley Civilization

Geography, social class, buildings, tools/weapons, religion, writing/literature of the Mesopotamians. 


Navigate this page for an overview, the culture, civilizations, and the people of ancient Mesopotamia.  

BBC History

Mesopotamia – the land between the two rivers. 

DK Find Out

Go straight to information about Mesopotmia including laws, Babylon, structures, location, religion and more. 


Ancient Mesopotmia games.  

Ancient River Valley Civilizations

This website has information on the four major ancient river valley civilizations:  Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, and India.

BBC-History For Kids

All types of history:  Ancient, U.S., World, etc. 

Social Studies for Kids

Ancient Civilizations and much, much more!

Ducksters - History for Kids

U.S. History information and research.  

Games available here when you are finished with classwork. 

Mummy Maker


EyeWitness to History


TIME for Kids

TIME magazine for kids!  Includes current events, kid reporters, things happening around the world, and HOMEWORK HELPER!

QuickLinks - Ancient Rome


Word Hippo

Find word meanings, synonymns, antonymns, parts of speech, pronunciation, example sentences and much more!

NatGeo Mapmaker

Get interactive with maps!

DK Find Out...

It’s NOT JUST history, folks!  What do you want to know….type in your question or search through all the different topics.  A FUN site to use in your spare time, also.  enlightened


A safe place to learn and play games!


Did the Silk Road exist?  


Used for projects.  


Wordle can be used for assigned class projects. 


Use the room number I provided in class to access quizzes or certain other assignments.

Student Interactives

Websites for FUN and LEARNING!  

Star Fall

When you have extra time, you may get on this website.  :)



Google Safe Search


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