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Student Council

DMS Student Council 2021-22

stu co group

Front Row: (left to right) Gabriela Aguilar, Lynli Liggin, Evelyn Ponce, Layken Young, Katie Williamson, Yaslin Hernandez and Yaritza Hernandez. 

Back Row: (left to right) Lila Martin, Drake Click, Angel Aragon, Edson Perez and Haylee Hernandez. 


7th grade  stu co group  6th grade

            7th Grade Officers. Representative: Layken Young,                         Student Body Officers. Secretary/Treasurer: Lila Martin,                             6th Grade Officer. Representative: Yaslin Hernandez, 

           President: Angel Aragon, Vice-President: Lynli Liggin,                       President: Drake Click, Vice-President: Gabriela Aguilar,                        President: Edson Perez, Vice-President: Haylee Hernandez, 

                            Representative: Evelyn Ponce.                                                      Commissioner of Spirit: Katie Williamson.                                                    Representative: Yaritza Hernandez.