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Student Council


Rules for Voting: ONLY vote for YOUR grade level!


Only sixth graders should vote for 6th grade Princess and Prince.                                                                                                      Only seventh graders should vote for 7th grade Queen and King. 

6th grade                                                                       7th grade


Winners will be announced at the DMS Dance held Thursday, May 19th in the High School cafeteria from 6–8pm.



DMS Student Council 2021-22

stu co group

Front Row: (left to right) Gabriela Aguilar, Lynli Liggin, Evelyn Ponce, Layken Young, Katie Williamson, Yaslin Hernandez and Yaritza Hernandez. 

Back Row: (left to right) Lila Martin, Drake Click, Angel Aragon, Edson Perez and Haylee Hernandez. 


7th grade  stu co group  6th grade

            7th Grade Officers. Representative: Layken Young,                         Student Body Officers. Secretary/Treasurer: Lila Martin,                             6th Grade Officer. Representative: Yaslin Hernandez, 

           President: Angel Aragon, Vice-President: Lynli Liggin,                       President: Drake Click, Vice-President: Gabriela Aguilar,                        President: Edson Perez, Vice-President: Haylee Hernandez, 

                            Representative: Evelyn Ponce.                                                      Commissioner of Spirit: Katie Williamson.                                                    Representative: Yaritza Hernandez.




7th grade     PT Conference

             Student Council members volunteer at Parent/Teacher Conferences!