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7th Grade                                                6th Grade

Username: school email address                                        Username: school email address

Password: 5 digit id#                                                         Password: Fl 5 digit id#


Image Resources

pics4learning Britannica ImageQuest
Public Domain Images 4 Free Photos
Flickr Creative Commons Minimography
Gratisography Morguefile
Newoldstock Jaymantri








Copyright and Fair Use



Music Resources:

Use music provided in Animoto

Citation Idea

Create your citations in PowerPoint or Google Slides. Save the slides as .jpeg. This will allow them to be imported in Animoto as an image.

Citation Video


Civil Rights Animotos


CivilRights Animoto

Youtube Civil Rights Video

Student Examples of Civil Rights Animotos





Links to visit!!!

Mendez  High School Virtual Library

Animoto Tutorial